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Lenses to suit you

See clearly without restriction and benefit from a wider field of vision

Finding eyewear that matches your lifestyle is extremely important. If you’re constantly on the go, the last thing you need is eyewear that breaks, restricts your field of vision and steams up in bad weather. For these reasons, many people choose contact lenses as an ideal alternative to spectacles.

Contact lens technology has advanced massively over the past decade. Benefits include a wider field of vision, no condensation on your eyewear and driving without glare from the sun. These benefits mean that you can spend more time participating in the activities that you love without having to worry about your eyewear.

We specialise in contact lenses and we’ll give you all the information you need to ensure that your contact lenses are well looked after and feel comfortable. We’ll tackle any issues you may have regarding your new lenses, as well as teaching you how to use them, and checking that they are the most suitable type for you.

One of our optometrists who specialises in contact lens fitting and has worked as a contact lens specialist for more than 20 years. He’ll ensure that the lenses you use are best suited to your lifestyle and make sure that the lenses fit your eye shape properly.

Our knowledgeable and friendly team will give you helpful tips on getting the most out of your contact lenses. We fit and stock all types of prescription lenses including daily, monthly, disposable, toric, bespoke and gas permeable lenses, and can supply virtually any brand of lens.

The wrong type of contact lenses for your vision can cause discomfort or sometimes infection. Something as simple as the wrong size lenses can have serious repercussions for your vision.

We strongly recommend that you speak to contact lens specialists before deciding to use contact lenses and get your eyes measured first. By ordering your contact lenses from an eyewear specialist, you’ll have peace of mind that your lenses fit properly and you’ll receive high quality aftercare.