SR Drinnans Opticians

Lens Materials

KODAK Thin&Lite Lens






KODAK Lenses can be produced in a range of materials which can dramatically improve their thickness and weight, from a standard plastic to some of which can be up to 40% thinner providing an enhanced cosmetic result.





KODAK Polycarbonate Lens






Polycarbonate sets the standard in safety lenses and features an ideal mix of high impact resistance and strong optical qualities. It also eliminates 100% harmful UVA & UVB rays making it the ideal choice for children and sporting activities.





KODAK Trivex Lens






Trivex is an advanced material that offers a balance of being one of the lightest lens materials available with a natural robust strength.

As well as offering protection from unexpected impact and breakage, Trivex also provides 100% protection from harmful UV radiation.





KODAK Sun Lens






Whilst many sun lenses are created by tinting a standard lens, other base materials provide additional benefits such as the light sensitive photochromics found in Transitions® lenses or the glare reducing properties of a polarised lens.






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